Gorgeous Home Fragrances at Thingz

There is something really special about beautiful home fragrances.

The aroma of classic, creamy vanilla or exotic patchouli spice blend creates a deluxe atmosphere in any room. Thingz has a wide range of beautiful scented products available as part of our curated home decor collection. If you’re looking to bring a touch of luxury into your lounge room or treat a friend with a thoughtful gift, a home fragrance from Thingz is a fabulous choice.

Here is a handy guide to all the different kinds of beautiful home fragrances Thingz has to offer.


Types of home fragrances at Thingz

Scented Candles

A scented candle is a timeless home fragrance option. These are absolutely perfect for a wedding gift or if you’re looking for a little treat for a special person in your life. Our Encore Candle range comes in an beautiful gift box and is available in fruity Lychee, fresh Lemongrass, classic Red Velvet and zesty Blood Orange & Grapefruit. We’ve got a scent for every occasion!


Room Sprays

Another great function of a home fragrance is the masking of unwanted odours. Room sprays use a diffusing spray mechanism to ensure only wonderful smells are settling in a room. Our vaporising Spa Room Spray, available in a warm Oriental Sandalwood and sweet Vanilla Patchouli, is the perfect product to leave in a sparkling clean bathroom.


Scent Diffusers

For a modern home fragrance, choose an elegant cylinder diffuser. These products feature slender scent-infused sticks which subtly disperse fragrance throughout a space. For a cleansing refresh, try our Clear Air Tall Cylinder Diffuser. The divine Exotic Dessert Cylinder Diffuser is perfect for a night of extravagance. Run a bath and relax. Your home will be smelling like a luxury spa in no time! For a classic, timber sauna aroma, try our premium Oriental Sandalwood Spa Diffuser.


For our full range of gorgeous home fragrances, pop in for a visit to one of our stores or browse our website.

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