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Top Home Decor Trends of the Season

Looking to update your home decor? We’ve got you covered with affordable and stylish products that will transform your living space into a stylish haven. From elegant accents to fragrant touches, discover the perfect pieces to enhance your Perth home with Thingz home decor products.

Get inspiration and create a space that reflects your taste and budget.

Must-Have Wall Art Pieces

We understand the importance of finding stylish and cost-effective décor items. That’s why Thingz offers a variety of wall art options to suit your style and budget. Whether you’re gifting on a budget or simply looking to add some affordable pieces to your own home, we have vibrant canvases to elegant framed prints.

The Rise of Sustainable Home Decor

Sustainable home decor focuses on using eco-friendly materials and practices, ensuring that your home isn’t only stylish but also promoting a greener lifestyle.

Moreover, choosing sustainable home decor can lead to long-term savings, as these products are often designed to be durable and energy-efficient, reducing your overall consumption and expenses.

Embracing Minimalism: Simple and Chic Designs

Minimalism is a design trend that focuses on decluttering and using clean lines to create a serene and uncluttered space. 

Opt for furniture with sleek and simple designs, and choose neutral colour palettes to create a sense of tranquillity. Incorporate natural materials like wood and stone to add warmth and texture to your space.

Minimalist decor also encourages you to be intentional with your belongings, so consider only displaying items that hold meaning or serve a purpose.

Bringing Nature Indoors: Botanical-inspired Decor

This can include lush green plants for a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. The presence of plants in our living space can have a positive impact on our mood and overall mental health.

In addition to plants, you can also incorporate floral prints in your upholstery, curtains, or even wallpaper. This can help to create a cohesive botanical theme throughout your space. The floral prints add a touch of nature and can make the room feel more inviting and lively.

Furthermore, using natural materials like wood and rattan in furniture or home accessories can further enhance the organic feel of your space. 

Our home decor products at Thingz offer a wide range of beautiful and affordable options to suit your taste and budget. From elegant fragrance diffusers to candle gift sets, these products will create a relaxing ambiance and make any occasion extra special.



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